How To Sext

For those of you not aware, or maybe living under a rock, sexting or sending sext messages is the newest foreplay around. With this sext message guide, I will show you proper sexting techniques. But before continuing to read any further, please be aware this information can lead to a lot of SEX. So please be prepared for a lot of SEX hookups and other HORNY situations, because sexting is the biggest way into someone’s pants!

Good luck you have all been warned!

1.) What to sext with; In order to start sexting you need the two basic components. First you need some sort of electronic device that has internet connections or a simple cell phone (does not even have to be a smart phone), that can send text messages. Most people send sext messages via text messages, instant messaging platforms and other types of chat systems.

2.) Who are you sexting???- this might be the most important question you ask yourself before sending out even one sext message. I tell people all the time, make sure you know the exact number or handle or whatever devices line is the line of the person you are intending to sext. I only ask that you use caution, because sending a sext to your mom or dad would be a terrible and awkward situation for anybody.

3.) Now that you have a device capable of sexting and a person you are going to send the sext to, lets discuss how to send a hot and sexy sext message. When you send a sext message it is basically a hot and horny text message. It can be anything from something vague that leaves the imagination guessing, or something so hot and descriptive it will drive the person you are sexting insane! There is no right or wrong here, just having fun and being open and honest. But with honesty, be prepared to also start meeting up to carry out the sext promises. This is where getting laid a lot starts coming into the picture.

4.) Have a sexting game plan. What I mean by this, is have an idea of where you want this sexting to go and what happens if a connection occurs and sex is in the future. Be prepared to handle the hot and horny hookups you will experience once you start sending out sexts.

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